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A card deck to ride the waves of life with peace, joy and ease.

Whether you experience stormy weather or calm waters, 
these cards are your companion and guide.
A toolkit to help you find your flow 
in your everyday life.


Why The Art of Flow is here for you


It’s not always easy to find your flow.

We lead busy lives; we live in transformational times.

And we don’t always have time, or know how, to create a moment of peace and clarity for ourselves.

But this deck offers a simple way to create those moments in your daily life.

How The Art of Flow helps you​

Picking a card brings comfort and clarity.
The cards reflect your
inner wisdom, and provide tools such as
yoga and meditation.
As you practice
The Art of Flow you align body, mind and soul. 
So you can navigate through life with
inner peace, joy and ease.

How to use

Each card is both a present and a tool for modern day women.
Picking a card can be integrated in our daily lives at any moment as
a way to fulfill our need for a
break, reflection, clarity or


‘Loving, powerful and nurturing cards.

As well as elegant and soulful reminders

of what we all are.’ Kirsty


So we created something we hadn’t found yet ourselves:
A deck with cards that are so beautiful you can display them
little paintings in your house,yogastudio, altar, workspace, meditation space etc.
And with messages that are written like little poems. But with a practical guidance
that makes them usable every day.

Because we both know from experience that our journey as spiritual human beings is

liberating and joyful, but it can also be intense or painful.

The Art of Flow we hope to inspire, guide and offer tools to women all over the
world on their journey towards more

inner peace, purpose, freedom, love and joy.

Our story

We are Ernestine and Annabel.
We met in a yogastudio where Ernestine facilitated meditation and Annabel yoga.

Within the first 5 minutes of meeting we
discovered our mutual dream; to create a card deck.
When talking about this dream, we realized neither of us
found a card deck yet that really spoke to
us in both
aesthetics and practicality.




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