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We are Annabel and Ernestine.

We met in a yogastudio where Ernestine facilitated meditation and Annabel yoga.

Within the first 5 minutes of meeting we

discovered our mutual dream; to create a card deck.

When talking about this dream, we realized neither of us found a card deck yet that really spoke to

us in both aesthetics and practicality.


So we created something we hadn’t found yet ourselves:

A deck with cards that are so beautiful you can display them as little paintings in your house,

yogastudio, altar, workspace, meditation space etc.

And with messages that are written like little poems. But with a practical guidance that makes them

usable every day.

Because we both know from experience that our journey as spiritual human beings is

liberating and joyful,

but it can also be intense or painful.

With The Art of Flow we hope to inspire, guide and offer tools to women all over the world on their

journey towards more

inner peace, purpose, freedom, love and joy.



Annabel is a musician, illustrator and yoga teacher.

She lives in a tiny wooden forest house in the

Netherlands. Inspired by our earth mother, she spends most of her time among the trees and birds, and translates this in her work.
When not in the forest, she travels around the world sharing her music and art. She loves silence, laughing, morning light and spending time in and around water.

You can find out more about Annabel here:

Ernestine works as a meditation facilitator,

coach, reiki master and author. She is the author

of the book The New Mother. She lives with her husband,

two girls and two cats in the city of Utrecht.

Nature, spirituality and poetry are a few of her passions. Writing this deck reactivated the poet in her,

something she hadn’t felt since childhood.

She has a big love for her family and friends, and

hopes she’ll meet you too, one day!

Learn more about Ernestine here:

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